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Sustainable Energy Solutions focuses on doing what’s right NOT what’s most profitable.

Most Solar companies approach every installation with the goal to sell as many solar panels as possible to offset power consumption.   Not SES…

Our philosophy is centered around helping you achieve the maximum Return On Investment by focusing on SOLUTIONS that involve a combination of reducing overall energy consumption, extending the life of existing electrical appliances, improving roofing system efficiency, and then providing a smaller, more affordable Solar System to offset the remaining energy consumption.

Bottom Line:  Our installations cost less to save you more!

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Why Go Solar TODAY?

Tax incentives are decreasing so you must act NOW!

  • Tax Credits cover 51% of Solar costs*
  • 26% Federal Tax Credit* + 25% SC Tax Credit*
  • Potential Extra incentives from the power company
  • No Upfront or Out of Pocket Costs
  • Potentially save $$$ starting day one
  • Beat inflation/rising electricity rates
  • Solar Back-Up Batteries Available
  • 25 Yr Production/Performance Guarantee
  • Available 30 Yr Parts & Labor System Warranty

*Consult your tax advisor re: income tax credit eligibility.

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  • Residential & Commercial Solar
  • Energy Saving Spray Foam Attic Insulation
  • Community-based, Veteran & Family owned business
  • Professional, Full Time, w-2 Installers
  • Experienced, Trained, & Certified Installers
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Most Technologically Advanced Top Grade Materials
  • Comprehensive 30 Yr Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 25 Year System Production/Performance Guarantee
  • FREE Site Inspection & Financial Savings Analysis
  • Committed To 100% Customer Satisfaction

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