SES MB Pledges To Our Customers

Your future looks brighter with us!

We are the best in the business – THERE IS NO BETTER – and here’s our PLEDGE to prove it!

You call SES MB, we Respond.  Customer Service is Priority at SES MB!

All customers receive our President’s direct cell phone number as well as an assigned customer care agent at the office.

SES MB is Fully Licensed and Insured, with Complete Coverage.

Did you know that if someone is here working on your home, and they fell off your roof or ladder, you could be sued?  We take all the risk away from doing business with the Sustainable Energy Solutions team.

SES MB employs only Experienced, Trained, and Certified Installers.

Have you ever heard of, or had happen to you, a company coming out to do work for you, and they were here one day and gone the next? Or just didn’t show up? That’s because most home improvement companies use Sub-Contractors to do work for your home, and most Sub-Contractors work for 3 or 4 different companies at the same time.

SES MB only offers TOP GRADE MATERIALS and adheres to all Codes and Standards.

Many contractors offer different grades of quality. Here at SES MB, we chose to only offer the highest quality products available.  All of our products are of the highest quality and offer cutting edge technology.

SES MB offers SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on every project!

This is how we back up everything we have told you so far and prove ourselves to you!

When your job is completely done, and everyone is off your property and your yard is what we call “broom clean” and your system looks beautiful, the crew leader of your job will walk around your entire house with all parties needed and inspect every part of your home that we have touched.


SES MB will extend a 10-Year warranty from the date of the install completion.

Our Pledges to our Homeowners/Business Owners is that we are taking all the risk away from doing business with a ‘Home Improvement Company’.

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