Our 2 Visit Consultation Process

The Right Way To Sell Solar...

All visits from Sustainable Energy Solutions are conducted by a fully trained, professional Solar Advisor wearing company attire & a company photo I.D. badge and they will provide you with a company business card.

1st Visit- 30 Minutes:

The purpose of the first visit is to gather proper insight & information in order to eliminate all speculation and guesswork while preparing your custom engineered analysis.

During the first visit we will:

  • Provide initial basic information
  • Confirm that switching to Solar is in YOUR best interests
  • Explain the value of our Design Engineers performing a Satellite Imagery Analysis (utilizing a 25M technology)
  • Validate whether or not your home/business will adhere to solar
  • Provide a clear understanding of upfront utility rebates & how they work
  • Explain the difference between “qualifying” for versus “receiving” Federal & State Credits
  • Confirm that you qualify to actually receive those tax credits
  • Gather details related to other aspects of energy efficiency around the home like your HVAC System, Water Heater, Windows, Insulation, etc.
  • Get an understanding of your system needs, your property’s conditions, your future electrical consumption needs, & your electrical consumption history
  • Obtain a copy of your utility bill- necessary in order to start the process
  • Outline an agenda & set expectations for the 2nd visit
  • Schedule an exact time for the 2nd visit

2nd Visit- 90 Minutes:

Prior to the 2nd visit, your Solar Advisor will prepare all documents & tools needed including (on average) 3 unique solar proposals designed specifically for your home or business.

These proposals will always be based on the Satellite Imagery Analysis created by one of our in-house Design Engineers.

During the 2nd visit your Solar Advisor will:

  1. Make sure we fully understand your needs
  2. Share the value & credibility of choosing SELSCO
  3. Explain why we are the best of the best in the Solar business and prove it
  4. Outline our Pledges To Our Customers
  5. Educate you on our solution, our products, & our technologies
  6. Show & explain several different proposal options to include images of exactly where the panels would go and what they would look like on your property
  7. Provide mathematical and technology comparisons between the different options that we present
  8. Potentially, show you how we can save you money day one
  9. Provide a complete comparison of the difference between remaining on the grid at 0% offset versus going green with solar
  10. Answer and all questions that you may have

For YOUR protection, Sustainable Energy Solutions staff will always provide FULL DISCLOSURE.  

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